Enabling/Disabling cracked/non-premium players on your server is very simple!

  1. Go to the "Files" section of the panel as shown in the figure:
  2. In the list of files that just appeared, look for the one with the name "server.properties":
  3. Inside the file, look for the entry "online-mode=":
    After the equal of the item just found in the file, write:
    - "true": only premium players (who have purchased minecraft) can enter the server.
    - "false": all minecraft players, premium and cracked, can enter the server.
  4. After completing the previous step, save the file with the "SAVE CONTENT" button at the bottom right and restart your server!

If you couldn’t complete this guide/didn’t understand the steps, contact us on our Discord/website and we’ll be happy to help!
We do not support the use of cracked Minecraft launchers. No support will be provided for servers with offline mode.

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